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Driptech carries manual and automatic filters with a variety of flow rates. Disk filters are superior to screen filters because they contain 3D filtering, similar to sand media filtration.

The manual filters range in size from 3/4 inch to 3 inch with flow rates up to 50 m3/hr.

Our automatic disc filters, which come in 4, 6, and 8 inch sizes, are state of the art Spin-Klin technology and are supported by Netafim. These can go up to 570 m3/hr per set

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Screen Filters

Screen filters are popular because of their affordable pricing. We offer 1 to 3 inch screen filters. Much larger automatic backflushing screen filters are available on request.

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PVC Fittings

PVC solvent joint fittings are stocked from 20 mm up to 250 mm. These fittings have pressure ratings of up to 16 Bar (PN16).

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HD Fittings

A range of Elysee HDPE compression fittings and saddles are stocked, ranging in size from 20 mm up to 315 mm, with ratings up to PN16

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Galvanised Fittings

Driptech stocks a range of galvanised fittings from ¼” up to 6”. These fittings have a working pressure of 16 bar.

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Galvanised Piping

Driptech keeps stock of hot-dipped galvanised pipe from ½” up to 4″. Sizes from ½” up to 2″ have a rated working pressure of 25 bar, while 2.5″ up to 4″ are rated at 20 bar. Our galvanised pipes are FM approved and manufactured out of EN 10255 grade S195T steel.

Galvanised pipes are covered with a zinc material to make the pipe more resistant to corrosion. The primary use of galvanised pipes is to supply water to homes and buildings.

Galvanised pipes are popular for numerous reasons:

  • Higher bursting pressures than conventional water pipes (25bar)
  • Can be used to pipe very hot water and cold water (20-125 °C).
  • Very rigid and robust: once the pipe has been installed, it will not dislodge or break easily.
  • Long life expectancy

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Nylon Fittings

DripTech stocks a range of threaded plastic accessories with both male and female threads. These are rated at 10 bar for fittings from ½” to 2″ and 6 bar for fittings above 2″. Driptech keeps stock of these fittings from ½” up to 4″ in some ranges. These fittings are suitable for use in potable water supply systems, can handle exposure to sunlight (UV), and have excellent chemical resistance.

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Copper Fittings

Fittings for copper pipes are stocked in 15 mm and 22 mm sizes. Compression fittings have a maximum working pressure of 16 bar, and capillary fittings have a maximum working pressure of 20 bar.

Filter parts replacements and Reverse Osmosis Systems

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